Commodities in Messina are produced in Utilities (Energy Mines, Water Mines, Farms and Solar Arrays), represented on the map by square tiles. The AI also has an off-map Utility, a Fusion Reactor.

During an Industry Action, Utilities may be Built, Upgraded, Occupied/Vacated and Operated to produce their outputs (see Section 13.2).

Mines and Farms must be manned to operate, and require 2 Worker Units to be fully operational. This is indicated by placing a Worker piece on each of the two circles on the tile. The circles on the Utility tiles also provide a visual reminder of the standard inputs and outputs of each Utility.

Solar Arrays and the AI Fusion Reactor do not need to be manned.

Building Utilities

Building Utilities cost 7 Energy Tokens (7E) for Mines and Farms, and 5E for Solar Arrays.

Utility Builds are either classified as Developing a site (building a Utility at an empty site) or Extending a site (building another Utility at a site, without regard to the type of Utility). When built, all new Utilities begin as standard (not upgraded) Utilities.

All Utility Builds must be performed in a player’s Friendly Area, and there are geographical restrictions on what types of Utilities can be built in each latitudinal Zone, and how many are permitted in each grid space, as indicated by small circles [will be squares] at the left of the map. Note that Zones C and F are dual purpose. Only one Solar Array is allowed per map space, including a maximum of one Solar Array on the Moon. Utilities cannot be built directly on Location Cards, but they can be built on the map at the corresponding grid space.

Utilities can be built at the North Pole, but human Workers may not enter the Utility. (To run a North Pole Energy Mine, a specific Skill Card is required). The Cryos Moon and Cryos Shuttle are always considered to lie within the Friendly Area for the Cryos faction, and the Moon site can be Extended by building new Water Mines.


Maximum Number of Utilities in Each Location

Zone Max Energy Mines Max Farms Max Water Mines Automated Utilities
A ●●● Solar ◙ (3E)
B ●● Solar ◙ (2E)
C Solar ◙ (1E)
D ●●
E ●●
G ●●
H ●●●
Cryos Moon ●●●● Solar ◙ (4E)
AI Starship Fusion ◙ (4E)


Upgrading Utilities costs 3E, and may only be performed during an Industry Action, if the Utility is occupied by at least one Worker Unit. Upgrades may be performed even the grid space is not connected to the Friendly Area.

Upgraded Utilities require double inputs and produce double outputs, but still only require 2 Worker Units to operate. Flip the Utility tile to represent its upgraded status. Solar Arrays cannot be upgraded.

Occupying/Vacating Utilities may occur during the Industry Action. Civilian Units and Infantry Units in the same space as a Utility can occupy it, becoming Worker Units. Spare population can be converted to on-map Worker Units. Worker Units may also vacate a Utility, moving off the tile but staying in the same grid space, becoming Civilian Units. If this is done, the Utility will be unmanned (if it is left empty) or under-manned (if left with a single Worker Unit).

Under-manned Utilities. Mines or Farms with a single Worker Unit may be run, but in this setting they run inefficiently, with the usual input costs but half the usual output, rounded down.

Empty/Unmanned Utilities produce nothing, but still count as friendly spaces for the owning faction.

Abandoned Utilities are empty, unowned Utilities present at the start of the game.

Operation of Utilities. At the end of each Industry Action, all occupied Utilities are operated, consuming their inputs and producing their outputs, as follows:

Energy Mines: consume 1E to create 4E (net gain of 3E)

Water Mines: consume 1E to create 3W

Farms: consume 1E and 1W to create 2F

Solar Array: consume nothing and produce 1E, 2E, 3E or 4E in Zones C, B, A or the Moon.

This can be remembered by noting their outputs form a “432,1234” pattern).

Individual Utilities are operated in series, with the output of one Utility made available for the next. An initial reserve of 1E is needed to operate a standard Energy Mine, and a reserve of 2E is needed to operate an upgraded Energy Mine at full capacity.

Ownership of Utilities. Infrastructure tiles (Utilities and Shields) remain the property of their original owner until the space they are in is occupied by a hostile Unit and the original owner no longer has a Unit at that space. Holding a Card for a space does not by itself preserve ownership. Shields and empty Utilities may also be traded during a Trade action.

Military Effects of Utilities. A Utility has no direct effect on the outcome of any military aspects of the game, but some indirect effects are possible. By absorbing damage in Missile Strikes and Bombing Raids, a Utility may sometimes spare Units. An owned Utility allows a space to be considered part of the Friendly Area, but does not make the space hostile to other factions (if there are Workers there, they can make the space hostile). A Utility allows placement of Workers, which do not count towards the stacking limit, and yet the Workers can help defend the space if attacked. A Utility does not add to the strength of the grid space in a battle.