United Energy

UE is the richest faction in Kepler. It can dispense E to allies, or use E to buy favours, and therefore it can have a large impact on the economic success of other factions and the balance of power throughout the planet. The challenge for UE is to convert this Energy-supremacy to victory, by becoming an indispensable part of an alliance structure, rather than merely financing other factions’ expansions. If UE lets an ally expand to the point that it is independent, it can be dumped in the closing stages of the game as the former ally shifts its attention to F and W, instead of E.

UE has poor access to the equatorial farming regions of the planet, and no realistic access to Water. UE will need to decide if it should ally with a farming faction, and solve the water problem later, or ally with Cryos, and solve the food problem later.

If UE takes the first approach, and allies with one of its three farming neighbours (AI, SF or FF), then it will solve its Food problems, but the pair will then face a Water shortage. This can only be solved by letting the chosen ally push south, to get Water. UE cannot easily take part in this southern push, unless it is granted permission to build Units within its ally’s Friendly Area, but it can easily make the southern push more likely to succeed by providing the necessary E. The main risk with this strategy is that the farming ally may not repay the favour with loyalty, and could dump UE once the water resources have been obtained.

If UE takes the second approach, and allies with the other polar faction, Cryos, then the two can attempt to converge in the equatorial regions and either steal a Farm or build a new one.  This strategy is likely to lead to a strong, symbiotic alliance, but the challenge for both polar factions will be to defend their equatorial gains from the other three players. If the polar alliance is obvious, the three equatorial powers are likely to agree on a Food embargo, attempting to starve the polar factions until they can be overcome militarily.