Unit Types

Players may manipulate five types of Units on the map. In order of military strength, these are: Civilian Units (C), Infantry (I), Bomber Units (B), Fighter Units (F) and Mech Units (M).

On-map Units: Civilian, Infantry, Bomber, Fighter and Mech
On-map Units: Civilian, Infantry, Bomber, Fighter and Mech

C, I and M are Ground Units, whereas B and F are Air Units. The weaker, cheaper Units (C, I) are also known as Low-tech Units, and the others (B, F, M) are High-tech Units. Some rules distinguish between Human Units (C, I, B, F, for the human factions, but just Civilians for the AI faction) and Non-Human Units (all Mechs, and all AI Units except Civilians).

Civilian Units are interchangeable with Worker Units, and use the same game pieces. When the piece is on a Utility tile, it is considered to be working in the Utility; when off the tile, it is counted as a Military Unit – basically, a group of angry citizens grabbing any available weapon.

Shields are not Units, but they contribute strength to a battle in their own space, and they also provide protection against Missile Attacks. The Moon and the AI Starship are represented by moveable pieces, but function as spaces rather than Units; they are considered to be shielded, but this is not usually represented by an actual Shield Tile.

Summary of Unit Types

Unit Type Battle
Movement Cost Special Rules
Civilian 1 1, 2* 0 May change to Worker
May muster at start of Mil Ops
Infantry 2 1, 2* 1E May change to Worker
Kill Bonus – Civ/Workers
Bomber 3 Move 3, March 2 3E May Convoy or Bomb
Fighter 4 Move 3, March 2 3E Supports 2 spaces away
Kill Bonus – Bombers and Ground Units
Mech 5 1 5E Non-human
Kill Bonus – Non-mech Ground Units
Shield 6 0 3E
Upgrade 3E
Moon 6 3 East n/a
Starship 12 (Defensive) Current velocity n/a

*Equatorial movement consists of a 2-space Move, where at least one of the spaces entered is in Zone D or E.

Terrain Rules