Prime the Black Market

Prime the Black Market (BM) from the game box, adding 1 small token per occupied Utility on the board, matching the token type to the Utility’s normal output. Do not include unmanned Utilities (Solar Arrays, Fusion Reactor, empty Utilities). Then remove 5E from the BM [figure to be adjusted during playtesting].


Free Trade

The initiating player may trade any resources with any combination of other players. Anything except people may be traded (i.e. population, human Units, and occupied Utilities cannot be traded). Suitable items for trade are:

  • Commodities (Energy, Water, Food)
  • Cards (Skill Cards or Location Cards)
  • Mechs
  • Solar Arrays and empty Utilities
  • Military or RnD Bonus Tokens
  • Secrets and Promises

On-map items do not change location, when traded, but change ownership. A traded Mech may be on a Location Card, which does not have to be traded at the same time.

Card trading for the initiating player is unrestricted, and eligibility requirements can be ignored. The status of a Location Card (face-up or face-down, occupied or empty) or a Skill Card (in-hand or discarded) does not change during trade. A player may exceed the 5-Card limit for Location Cards, but will need to discard down to 5 at the end of the next Exploration Action.


Black Market Trade

During Setup, a pool of tokens is created to represent the Black Market (which must be kept separate from unused Commodity Tokens in the game box); it initially contains one large token per occupied Utility. Players may trade with this pool, but they are limited by what the pool holds at the time of the Trade.

The initiating player may conduct an unlimited number of 2:1 Commodity Trades with the Black Market (BM). The initiating player must give the BM 2 tokens of the same type for every 1 token received. The initiating player’s BM trades can be performed before, during and after Trades with other players, and the initiating player may Trade with the BM between other players’ BM Trades.

Other players may engage in a single Commodity trade (not including Trades with the initiating player). In turn order, they have a choice of trading directly with the Black Market, or trading with another player via the Black Market. For a direct Black Market trade, they can trade one type of Commodity for one other type of Commodity, at a 3:1 ratio (receiving 1 for each 3 they pay). Non-initiating players trading directly with the BM only have access to tokens that previous players have handed to the BM. They do not have access to tokens that are destined for the BM because of another player’s planned Trade.

For Trade with another player via the BM, an unlimited number of Commodity tokens of one type may be passed to another player, but the Black Market takes a commission of one token of the same type; the other player may then return an unlimited number of tokens of a different resource, but again the Black Market takes a commission consisting of one token the second resource type. Non-initiating players who have traded with each other via the Black Market have used up their one Black Market trade and may not trade directly with the Black Market.