The Support Order allows Units to contribute their military strength to a nearby battle and return to their own grid space. Like most other orders, the Support order only requires 3 components: the ordered grid space, the symbol indicating the order type (+>) and the targeted grid space. It is not necessary to specify which faction will receive the Support, or which individual Units are offering Support – this can be decided when a battle takes place in the supported space.

For Fighter Units, the supported grid space can be up to two spaces away, but for every other Unit, the supported space must be adjacent. Support can only be provided to a space that the Supporting Units could March to; the distance limits, geographical restrictions and obstruction rules are the same as for Marches, with the sole exception that Bomber Support is limited to adjacent spaces.

Fighters can only provide Support to a space they could reach without meeting hostile Units or a Location Card in the intervening space. Like a March, a Support flight is not obstructed by spaces that are merely contested. A Support flight is rendered invalid and crossed out if, at the time it is revealed, it attempts to pass through hostile spaces. When the battle is imminent and Support is offered, the ordering faction must propose a specific flight path, and if it meets an obstruction en route, before getting to the battle, the Support is cancelled. Support cannot be redirected to a closer space.

Support is “cut” (cancelled) if the supporting Units are targeted by an unfriendly March or Support Order from any space other than the one they are targeting. This is determined as soon as orders are revealed, and is not affected by whether the March actually gets executed on the board. (The exception for enemy Marches/Supports from the targeted space reflects the fact that the Supporting Units were intending to fight those enemy Units anyway). Support is also cut if the Supporting grid space is hit by a Missile Attack or Demo Attack, even if no damage is inflicted. Support is cut if a battle occurs at the grid space containing the Supporting Units. Support is not cut by any Manoeuvres.

Hidden Units are resistant to the cutting effect of Marches, Supports, Missiles and Demo Attacks. At the time they provide Support, they must be revealed.

Support Orders from Exposed Units have the same blocking/cutting properties as March Orders. The targeted space is obstructed to opposing Manoeuvres, even if the Support is cut, or Support to the targeted space is never provided. Hidden Units do not block or cut other Orders.

Support may be given to the same space more than once if the targeted space becomes the scene of multiple battles.

A Support Order directed at its own space is invalid, and is treated as a Hold instead.

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