Advance and Take Cards

The initiating player may advance one space on one Skill Track, and then take one Skill Card from any Track for which they meet the Card’s eligibility requirements. Note that factions may be tied at the same level on the Technology and Military Tracks, but the position on the Crypto Track is relative, and a faction advances on the Crypto track by swapping places with the faction above. (See Section 7, Skill Cards and the Skill Tracks, p17.)

In turn order, every other player may advance once on one Track and may take one new Card. Cards do not have to be taken from the Track on which a player has just advanced. Each player must wait for the previous player to finish their RnD (both the advance and/or the Card selection) before performing their own RnD. The cost of advancing is one RnD Bonus Token (to advance on any Track) or Energy tokens equal to the new level reached (to advance on the Military or Technology Track). For instance, to reach level 4 on the Military Track, a non-initiating player would have to spend 4E.

Finally, the initiating player may take a second Card if they meet its eligibility requirements.


Prepare New Cards

When everyone has had a chance to take a Skill Card, the initiating player:

  • Exposes 5 new Skill Cards.
  • If the number of exposed Skill Cards is >7, removes Skill Cards until only 7 are exposed.
  • Places removed Cards face-down at the bottom of the Skill Deck
  • May shuffle the Skill Deck (which may not be shuffled at any other time in the game.)