Missile and Demolition Attacks

Missile Attacks can be ordered if the appropriate Skill Cards are played during ordering. Missile Attacks can target any named location: grid spaces, orbital points, or the Cryos Shuttle.

The Missile Cards are usually held by AI and First Fleet. If the Skill Cards have been traded, the faction holding the Card may write and submit the order, but the AI has veto power for the Starship missile and whoever holds the D1 Location Card has veto power for the FF missile.

When ordering a Missile Attack, the symbol “#>” should be followed by a reference to the targeted space (e.g. #>G5). Draw a Chance Card to resolve the damage at the targeted space. (See Explosive Attacks).


There are no distance limits for Missile Attacks, but distances of 8 or more have a low chance of inflicting damage.

Units on face-down Location Cards are safe from Missile Attacks.

Demolition Attacks are available to any faction and occur when a Ground Unit is ordered to blow up its own space (e.g. B3#>B3). The order is processed with Missile Attacks, in turn order. Damage is resolved like a Missile Attack. In this setting, damage is not applied to any Military Units belonging to the faction ordering the demolition, but otherwise damage is applied normally and indiscriminately, including damage to Workers, Utilities and Shields of the faction ordering the demolitions. (If multiple factions are present, the attacking player can designate the factional order in which damage points must be spent, trying to spare itself and allies, but cannot choose not to spend the damage points).

Demolition attacks have an actual distance of zero but the effective distance is 1 if the space is hostile.

Units on face-down Location Cards are safe from Demolition Attacks.