By choosing Militarisation, the initiating faction commits all players to a Mil Ops Phase that will be conducted at the end of the Action Phase. If nobody has chosen Militarisation by the end of the Action Phase, the Mil Ops Phase is skipped. The initiating player is rewarded with a Military Bonus Action, and also gets the Military Initiative.


Military Bonus Action. On choosing Militarisation, the initiating player may immediately announce and perform a Bonus Military Action (Re-arm, Disperse, Hide, Pre-Emptive Strike, or Refresh Tactics, see Section 17, p42) OR the player may take a purple Military Bonus Token for later use. Other players holding Bonus Tokens may each then spend one Token to perform a different Military Bonus Action. Military Bonus Actions may be deferred until the Mil Ops Phase, but no player may perform more than one Bonus Action per Round, and no player may perform a Bonus Action that has already been performed that Round.


Military Initiative. During the Mil Ops Phase, play in each of the three stages (Missiles, Marches and Manoeuvres) will start with the faction that has their Action Pawn on the Militarisation Action Space. If that faction has not already performed a Military Bonus Action for the Round, they get first chance to perform a Bonus Action, prior to submitting orders, followed by other factions holding unspent Bonus tokens.

Mil Ops Phase