Initiating Player Performs Bonus

The initiating player has a choice of three bonuses:

  • Developing a Utility at an empty site (paying the full cost, 7E for a Farm or Mine, 5E for a Solar Array);
  • Operating one occupied Utility with normal costs (before and in addition to the shared operation of all Utilities);
  • Performing a free Upgrade (worth 3E) by flipping an owned Mine or Farm tile, even if the Utility is not occupied and is not in the Friendly Area.

The initiating player may, instead of choosing a bonus, Extend a site (as described below), but this option is already available to non-initiating players.


Other Players Pay for Improvements

Other players may Extend a site by building another Utility at a site that already has a Utility (7E for Mines/Farms, 5E for a Solar Array) or Upgrade an occupied Utility, paying the usual cost (3E).


All Players Determine Occupation

All players may then Occupy or Vacate Utilities. Occupying a Utility can be done by:

  • Moving Civilian or Infantry Units that are already in the same grid space onto the tile; or
  • Allocating Spare Population Tokens to the “Located” region on the Population Mat, placing new Civilian pieces directly onto the tile, as Worker Units.


If Infantry Units occupy a Utility, the Infantry piece must be downgraded to a Worker piece. For Spare Population to appear on the map as Workers, the Utility must be in the faction’s Friendly Area.

All Occupied Utilities Operate

All factions must then Operate all occupied Utilities, consuming the Utilities inputs and producing their outputs. Individual Utilities are operated in series, so that the output is available for the next Utility. If any of the inputs for a Utility are unavailable, the Utility cannot operate. Upgraded Utilities may be optionally operated with standard rather than doubled inputs and outputs. Under-manned Utilities may be optionally left idle.