The initiating player may take 2 Location Cards. Each Card can come from either of the Location Decks (Northern or Southern). The initiating player can choose to take a face-down, unknown Card from the chosen deck, or look through the discard pile and select a Card publicly. For each face-down Location Card taken, the initiating player may claim a Finder’s Fee: 1E for Northern Cards, 1W for Southern Cards.

The current Crypto Leader (whoever occupies Level 5 on the Crypto Track) can then take any discarded Location Card, declaring it publicly. If the Crypto Leader is also the initiating player, they can take a discarded Card in addition to taking 2 Cards from decks of their choice.

Other players do nothing.

All players may then turn any empty Cards face down and rearrange their face-down Cards. Units may be transferred to the map to allow this.

At the very end of the Exploration Action, all players must discard down to a maximum of 5 Location Cards. Cards must be empty to be discarded.