Action Spaces

Action Phase

A good way to get a quick idea of the available actions is to play around with the Submit Action form used for online playtesting.

Each Action is also described in more detail at the links below.


ACTIONS Initiating player    Other players


Take 1 or 2 location Cards from any combination of the hemisphere decks and discard piles.

For each new (face-down) Card taken, claim a Finder’s Fee (1E for North, 1W for South).

Reduce hand to 5 Cards.

Crypto Leader may take one discarded Location Card (even if the Crypto Leader is the initiating player).

Reduce hand to 5 Cards.

Industry Operate one occupied Utility OR build a new utility at a new or old site (5E for Solar, 7E for Mine or Farm). Upgrade an occupied utility (3E), OR build a new Utility at a Utility site.
All players Occupy/Vacate Utilities, then Operate all occupied Utilities
Trade Prime the Black Market from the game box, 1 small token per occupied Utility on the board.
Trade Commodities, Mechs, empty Utilities or Cards but not population with other players.
Trade 2:1 on the Black Market (unlimited resource combinations).
In addition to any trades conducted with the initiating player, trade 3:1 on the Black Market, OR trade with one other player, with both players paying the Black Market one token of their traded commodity.
May only trade a single resource combination with the Black Market.
Recruitment Recruit all or none of the disaffected of any faction at no cost
Recruit up to 5P, paying one food per 2 Population Tokens (1:2).
Recruit up to 3P, paying 1F per 2 Population Tokens (1:2).
RnD Advance on any single Skill Track. Take first choice of Skill Cards.
Take a second Card after everyone else has advanced and taken a Card.
Expose 5 new Cards, and then remove excess Cards until only 7 are exposed. Discards placed face-down at bottom of the deck.
Optionally shuffle the deck.
Advance by spending one RnD Bonus (any Track) OR pay Energy equal to new level reached (Mil or Tech Tracks only).
Take one Skill Card.
Mil Ops Initiating player can perform one of the Bonus Military Actions below OR take a Bonus Token to use later. The initiator will go first during the Mil Ops Phase. If holding a saved Bonus Token, may spend it to perform one Bonus Action that has not been used that Round.
Re-arm. Build 2 Units, normal cost – a Shield Upgrade counts as 1 Unit

Disperse. Perform multiple 1-space Moves from 1 space, ignoring cliffs.

Hide. Move one or more Units in a single map space off the map onto a Location Card, which must correspond to the same space, or be adjacent, ignoring cliffs.

Pre-emptive Strike. Issue a 1-space March order to a single Unit

Save Bonus. Take a purple Military Bonus token to use later.

All players are then committed to a Mil Ops Phase