Cryos Resources on Vassal

Vassal Mod, First Draft

The first draft of the Vassal mod is now available. I will be looking at ways to make the entry of written orders more user-friendly, but this version is now playable, and will be used for the next playtest.

Please contact me for a copy (on Reddit, BGG, or in the forum here).

Some things that are not documented in the current version:
No rules are included, but there is a link to the rules at this site under ‘Help’.
Most objects have shortcut keys attached – right-click to see the options. For instance, to send a tradable piece or card to another player, press Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, Ctrl-3 etc. It will arrive in their ‘Loading Bay’ on their player mat.

Things that can have other pieces put on them, such as Location Cards and Utilities, require a shift-click to select.
Shields can be upgraded by clicking on the number on the top-left corner.

5 small resource tokens for E, W and F are provided for each player, but they are all on top of each other so you need to drag from the single visible icon to expose the others.

If you flip a card by pressing Ctrl-F, it becomes masked for other players, but it is still visible to you as a smaller version set within the usual card back. No one else can unmask it. This is potentially cumbersome if you want to trade a face-down card, so I will have to rewrite the masking code once I work out how.

The First Player Marker can be optionally rotated by pressing Ctrl-[  (and flipped with Ctrl-F), but there is a turn marker in the menu as well. You can use either or both or none.

The starship is a little large for the lunar orbit, so I recommend replacing it with the starship velocity token if the starship enters lunar orbit, or if there are a lot of pieces ‘below’ the starship on the planet surface. I have provided the AI faction with a spare velocity token to allow this.

I have reduced the Black Market starting pool to three large tokens of each resource, to speed up set-up and make the economy tighter.