Messina Board

Messina, The Board Game

chancecardshandWelcome to Messina, a multiplayer strategy game representing the struggle for control of a new planetary colony descending into mayhem. Although Messina has features in common with many wargames, the battle for ascendancy has economic, diplomatic and military dimensions. Successful players will be those who best balance the judicious use of scarce resources with the military need to protect those resources, and who have the diplomatic skill to secure an ally among the warring factions. The game takes 3 hours and it is best experienced with 5 players, who represent four human factions and an orbiting AI faction.

  • Location Card E2 (Castle Bay)

The planet Messina takes its name from the perilous Straits of Messina, featured in the Greek legend of Odysseus. The Straits were a narrow strip of water where ships wanting to pass through had to squeeze between the two monsters on either side, Scylla and Charybdis. Similarly, life on Messina exists in a narrow strip between two harsh extremes – the hellish north and the frozen south. And, like Odysseus, players must navigate a course of compromise between risks seen and unseen.